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A properly designed computer room is easy to maintain!

Rope Consulting llc is the result of 14 years of experience in the Computer Room
and Networking environment. We have provided quality products and engineered
solutions to our customer base keeping them in the forefront of technology!
Utilizing current industry standards and well trained technicians, our goal is to
exceed the expectations of our customers and keep Rope Consulting as their
single source for all of their connectivity and protection requirements! We are
capable and qualified to perform all duties from Computer Room Design to
Project Management and on to Installation, Testing and User Training. In the
room, under the floor, above the ceiling and in the racks, we can provide the
best possible solution for your current and future needs. Our expertise with
audio / visual systems will meet the toughest of customer's requirements. And
our knowledge of computer room support equipment is second to none! No
matter how big or small your needs are we can and will achieve results that
will surpass them! Give us a call and allow us to provide the initial quote for
your project and you will see just how much Rope Consulting brings to the table.
Thank you for your consideration!

The lack of a properly installed cabling system can cost your network to be idle in place!

What is a UPS or an uninterruptible power supply?

In our industry there are 3 topologies or technologies of UPS manufacturing. An Off-Line or Stand By UPS is simply a battery back-up used to support a single PC or workstation. This technology produces a step wave on the output side. A Line Interactive UPS adds a buck and boost circuit to the technology of the Off-Line UPS and is able to condition the output power into a nominal voltage range. This technology is used to back-up groups of PC's or workstations. Neither of these technologies should be used to protect a mission critical server or the sensitive network equipment that support your business' connectivity! An On Line or Double Conversion UPS is the only technology that is manufactured that meets the needs of todays mission critical computer room and data center equipment. This technology adds a rectifier to the circuit making it a double conversion UPS. Utility power is run through surge protection on the input side of the UPS then it is run through the rectifier converting it to DC power. Next it is run through the inverter converting back to AC power generating a new sine wave 100% of the time. On Line UPS' also offer an internal bypass which will route utility power around a failed rectifier or inverter to continue to feed utility power to your critical loads until the UPS can be serviced or replaced.

Give us a call with any questions you may have and we will gladly provide a comparative quote!

Our solutions cover everything from raised access flooring or anti-static VCT up to the sealed ceiling tiles. Including: environmental controls, uninterruptible power supplies, transient voltage surge suppression, power generation and distribution (both AC and DC), racks and enclosures, voice, data, wireless and fiber optic cabling solutions, audio and visual systems, security and fire protection systems and monitoring systems both local and remote!

Keeping your business connected and protected!